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S3 Surface Solutions exudes seal, strengthen, and secure with our unique concrete preparation, moisture barrier engineering and breakthrough adhesive technology. This pioneering technology offers a simple three-step solution that ensures the longevity of concrete subfloors and minimizes costly repairs.

Floor Preparation

Successful projects start with understanding your environment, and applying the right solutions that lead to sound floor preparation. How many times have you heard that the floor system is…


Protecting concrete from wear, chemical and environmental exposure is so important for the safety and cleanliness of our building spaces, so we have developed low cost and easy to…


Holding your expensive flooring products to the substrate and protecting them from the environment around them is the very MINIMUM we expect from our adhesive products and solutions. Versatility…

Anti-Microbial Protection

S3 offers a wide range of solutions and cutting-edge product technologies to help you protect people at work, and at home, and everywhere in between.  From working with you…

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About S3 Surface Solutions

We are an innovative, client-driven organization with a transformative business model designed to provide services that are a benchmark for others. We created S3 Surface Solutions with the premise that innovation in products, technologies, and services always trumps convention.

We bring together not just a product line but also an overall solution for improved, lasting and cost-effective surfaces. Our clients are our partners, and using our expert industry knowledge, unmatched product solutions, and world-class expertise; we partner with them to determine the best solutions for their hard surfaces.


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