Floor Preparation

Successful projects start with understanding your environment, and applying the right solutions that lead to sound floor preparation. How many times have you heard that the floor system is only as good as the preparation beneath it? S3 delivers a suite of unique products that form system based solutions, covering all aspects of floor preparation that complement all S3 Systems. Products are uniquely designed and manufactured GREEN bio-degradable and zero VOC, to meet or exceed environmental regulations.

Below is an outline related to the products and solutions for a sound and secure Floor Preparation. Additional details of each product are included on this page. Please feel free to contact a specialist at S3 if you have questions or need assistance putting together a system-based solution that works for you.

UnGlu’d can be used to quickly and easily remove old PSA and Broadloom adhesives using a zero VOC, biodegradable, and patented de-bonding technology. Once applied, and allowed to dwell, it can be scraped easily from the substrate leaving it clean and without residue.

QuikFill is a 2-part 100% solids urethane liquid which is easily dispensed using a dual cartridge caulk gun, and used to fill and repair concrete cracks, spalls, and pop-outs. The material sets quickly offering fast return to service.

Surface Prep EXT™️ will allow you to clean, etch(CSP1-3), and pH neutralize concrete substrates, offering you a lower cost and dust free solution when compared to mechanical grinding or shot blasting. It is water-based and fully biodegradable, applied with minimal tools and labor, cleaned with water and easily disposed.

Moisture Shield™️ is a 3-in-1 solution for curing new slabs, and providing moisture vapor transmission protection and waterproofing the surface of both new and old concrete.  It is a true total non-silicate based solution that eliminates the need for expensive and inconsistent concrete additives due to its patented technology.

MRP Moisture Resistant Plus is a workhorse primer that can address a in a single coat a multitude of common floor prep issues including solutions for moisture vapor transmission(MVER), high RH & pH, asbestos remediation isolation, and general isolation over wood, metal, cutback adhesives, tiles, and other substrates.

125 MVP Primer is a 100% solids epoxy moisture remediation primer solution for green or old concrete, applied with a 1/8inch notched squeegee then backrolled with 3/8 in nap roller over properly prepared and profiled concrete substrates. Requires a CSP of 2-3.

ACR100 concrete repair is a non-portland based cementitious mortar that allows for return to service in < 3 hours and ability to apply coatings in <6 hours.  This technology produces a chemical based bond to portland concretes and asphalt surfaces, with applications including trench repair, ramping, curb building, and asphalt repair.

S3 Barrier Patch is a non-portland based cementitious patch and skim coat floor product, which forms a chemical bond to portland based substrates.  This versatile material can ramp up to 1” and down to a feather edge, of be used to skim your substrate smooth.  This unique formulation allows for indoor or outdoor use, maintains physical properties up to 100RH, and exceeds 3000 psi when cured.

Floor Preparation
Floor Preparation

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