Anti-Microbial Protection

S3 offers a wide range of solutions and cutting-edge product technologies to help you protect people at work, and at home, and everywhere in between.  From working with you to integrate solutions into your products/process to stand-alone and ready-to-use solutions, S3 has you covered on protection from mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses (including SARS CoV-2).

S3 solutions are water-based and safe, meet the latest EPA standards for List N and List N.1 (residual protection), as well as FDA approvals. We also have solutions to protect plants with OMRI certified water-based plant protectant systems. In addition to providing antimicrobial products, S3 can provide technical support and solutions for the installation to include electrostatic sprayers and high-volume fogging.

Products and solutions shown below but not limited to:

  • Hand sanitizers that are water-based, alcohol-free, and provide 4 hour residual protection
  • Hard surface protection that meets List N + List N.1 for long term and high efficacy kill
  • Integrated solutions to embed antimicrobial protection into carpets, plastics, and coatings
  • Remote operated fogging systems to apply surface protectants within up to 500,000 cuft. areas
  • OMRI certified and pesticide-free plant protectant systems that prevent mold and mildew attack


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