Holding your expensive flooring products to the substrate and protecting them from the environment around them is the very MINIMUM we expect from our adhesive products and solutions. Versatility and performance were not achieved by accident, it was the starting point of our design, which led us to two industry-leading flooring products. S3 4151 went the extra mile and is now GREEN GUARD GOLD PLUS CERTIFIED!!

Versatility comes from the fact that S3 adhesives allow you to carry 1-2 products in your inventory, a single product can perform to hold carpet tile, LVT, LVP, VCT, and even rubber flooring. A second product version can take care of your broadloom installations.

Performance in these products has been thoroughly tested both in the lab and in the field, with over 50 million square feet of secure flooring performing in the field today. From high pH, high RH, and water attack, the S3 line of adhesives will help you ensure a solid and secure installation.

S3 has your adhesive depending on overall balance between cost and performance:

S3 4151 Adhesive
S3 4151 has market-leading adaptability for most flooring types, making it extremely versatile. Formulated with disruptive technology and aggressive cross-linking, this solution makes it up to 99 RH, 12 pH and 12 MVER resistant. S3 4151 is aggressive both as a hard-set adhesive and a long-lasting PSA-like surface tack.  Set time technology allows immediate access to light traffic.

S3 2075-R1 Adhesive
2075-R1 was designed as a high-performance, lower-cost commercial and residential adhesive with the same market-leading adaptability for flooring types. The target here was to hit a lower cost price point with high spread rates. Similar to S3 4151 adhesive, its disruptive technology and cross-linking capabilities makes it up to 95 RH, 11 pH and 8 MVER resistant. S3 2075 R1 can also be used as a hard-set or PSA-like adhesive.

Adhesive Application
Adhesive Application
Adhesive Application
Adhesive Application

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