MRP-Moisture Resistant Plus

MRP-Moisture Resistant Plus

MRP is a uniquely formulated, water-based moisture and chemical isolation barrier primer for many substrates including old and new concrete, smooth or profiles surfaces, chemically abated concrete, VCT tiles, wood and metal. A single coat at 150 sf/gallon provides moisture protection up to 14 MVER, >99RH, and 14 pH. MRP requires minimal surface preparation, and is easily roller applied to the surface. The cured system provides a durable work surface due to its high abrasion resistance and phenomenal adhesion, and provides protection for coatings, cement toppings and adhesives.

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Project in a prominent office building in Chicago, old floor was removed and cut back adhesive was scraped to remove any loose material. A degreaser was used to remove oils from the surface.
One coat of MRP barrier primer was roller applied at a 150 ft.² per gallon and allowed to dry overnight.
The next morning an industry standard cementitious skim patch was applied and sanded. Carpet tile was applied using S3 4151 adhesive.
After MRP
We returned to the project six months later and pulled a number of carpet tiles to evaluate the system. All areas were secure, no leaching through MRP from the cut back adhesive, and all layers were properly bonded.

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