High School: Cutback/Adhesive


Old adhesive contained asbestos and was removed and concrete was Chemically abated.


  1. Shot blast or grind concrete then cap concrete with solid epoxy then apply primer to the epoxy.
    • Total steps: 3
    • Approx Cost: $5.00sf >

  2. Install S3 MRP over chemically abated concrete as a high-performance economical solution that kept the job on schedule.
    • Total Steps: 1
    • Approx Cost: $2.00sf <


The flooring contractor chose to apply S3 MRP in one day and apply the patch the following day as necessary and adhesive directly to the MRP.


Complete blockage of any latent abatement chemicals in concrete. The job schedule moved up 2 days and approximately $3.00sf saved.


Unparalleled, Permanent Protection.

Our Low VOC, Resin-rich Proprietary Formula and Superior Cross-Linking Coatings & Sealants Reduce Total Cost of Ownership through:

Easy to Use
Fast Cure Times
Blocks Chemicals
Saves Money

Systems Used for High School: Cutback/Adhesive


Holding your expensive flooring products to the substrate and protecting them from the environment around them is the very MINIMUM we expect from our adhesive products and solutions. Versatility…

Products Used for High School: Cutback/Adhesive