Patient Rooms & Surgical Suites: Rigorous surgery schedules compromise clean, hygienic environments. To combat potential risks, you need powerful infection control and strict cleaning processes. Our coatings and microbial-resistant additive provide unparalleled, permanent protection from viruses and bacteria that jeopardize the health of your patients and staff.

Pharmaceutical Production & Labs: Pharmaceutical lab surfaces must withstand harsh chemicals, frequent cleaning, and constant use. Our seamless surface systems are impact-resistant, easily cleaned, and can be tailored with non-slip surfaces and our proprietary microbial resistant additive for superior contamination control.

BOH & Medical Rooms: Mechanical rooms are the heart of your medical environment, and where moisture and humidity problems start. Our waterproof coatings and moisture barrier sealants minimize or eliminate damage to your plumbing and electrical equipment and keep your facility running smoothly.


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