Mike Riley


Mike Riley is the CTO of S3 Barrier Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of S3 Surface Solutions that focuses on R&D, prototyping and technology transfer of chemical/biological, physical and spectral barrier systems. With more than 39 years of experience as a scientist in federal, fortune 100 and start-up settings, Mike has developed a wide range of technologies serving both the defense and commercial markets.

In 2020, Mike joined S3 to meet and anchor its R&D efforts across a range of barrier applications. These developmental efforts currently include the oversight of technology involving anti-microbials, chemically resistant, low permeability castable coatings, ultra-high strength armor for buildings/structures and specialty coatings that can provide enhanced protection against radiation threats.

Mike has a BS in Physics from Loyola University of Baltimore and an MS in Materials Science from The Johns Hopkins University. His research career has included positions at the US Army Chemical/Biological Research and Development Center (Edgewood Arsenal), the US Army Ballistic Research Laboratory (Aberdeen, MD), Lockheed Martin, where he served both as a lead scientist as well as deputy program manager for projects valued at over $2B. He then focused on start-up company efforts and has been involved in the successful launch of 5 small businesses focused on specialty coatings and green-technology related products.

Mike’s main skill set involves fine particle technology. In this wide field, he has focused on the following unique technologies:

  • Design and deployment of ultrafine particles for multispectral military “obscurants”
  • Development of ceramic armor using self-propagating synthesis technology
  • Design and development of exo-atmospheric payloads utilizing self-propagating synthesis
  • Development and testing of “anti-materiel” projectiles
  • Development of advanced coatings using “Laser Induced Surface Improvement” (LISI™) technologies and Electro
  • Spark welding technology
  • Novel cementitious materials and coatings based on advanced geopolymer technologies

His development efforts have resulted in 12 US patents and numerous publications. He has held a Top-Secret clearance (SAP/SAR) with multiple companies and government agencies. He has been active in the US Government Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant program, having received over 15 grants. He has served on US Army Blue Ribbon Panels and has been an expert witness for companies in litigation as well as due diligence on intellectual property investment.

Mike lives in York, Pennsylvania where he oversees corporate R&D for S3 Surfaces. He continues to develop new products as well as play a team role within S3’s existing team of development consultants to integrate a wide range of advanced technologies into products for S3 to bring to market.