Moisture Effects / Explanation

As a rule of thumb, a “typical” concrete slab retains about 50 gallons of excess water per cubic yard poured. (This varies depending on the density of the concrete.) Ambient relative humidity and weather conditions can also contribute to this potential problem.   Excess moisture in or below concrete slabs is the cause of a large percentage of flooring failures. Adhesion of the flooring systems, aesthetics of coatings, and potential warping of wood accessories can take place when the moisture transmission is not addressed. Excess moisture can also accelerate sporadic growth of mold and organics on the gypsum board walls and joint compound.

S3 moisture vapor barrier (MVB) sealant systems offer a proven solution to moisture vapor issues in concrete. In fact, our sealant systems can be applied to “green” concrete only 24 hours old. The system helps ensure that any surface adhesives or coatings remain in pristine condition and properly functioning, even in the presence of damaging sub-surface moisture vapor conditions.

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