Microbial Resistant Epoxy Flooring Fruit & Vegetable Facilities

Unlike our competitors, S3 offers the only epoxy system that meets the ASTM.org C884 standard in thermal shock and extreme heat environments. Our systems have stood the test of time in several food processing plants, including our citrus clients, for over seventeen years. We offer the preferred microbial resistant solution for fruit and vegetable processing plants flooring solutions.

Food processing plants require the utmost care and diligence for cleaning and maintenance, and that effort must start before the concrete is poured, during the design stage, if possible. Ensuring the floors are microbial resistant is an important safety factor.

Each plant is similar in design, which is necessary to ensure food safety standards are met for public consumption, but also to ensure the safety of plant employees. The heavy workload, along with strict inspection codes, requires the cleaning process to be easy, and the floors durable.

The constant wear and tear from cleaning products, packaging and warehouse equipment, and employees damages plant floors, requiring regular maintenance and repair.

S3 offers two flooring solutions to meet the tough demands of processing plant floors.

200 MR Trowelable Floor Microbial Resistant

  • 100% solids trowelable epoxy flooring system
  • Dustless filler
  • 18% elasticity
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Available in fast set and extra fast set versions
  • Includes the S3 microbial resistant additive

210 MR Industrial Floor, Self-Leveling, Microbial Resistant

  • 100% solids self-leveling epoxy floor system
  • Dustless filler
  • 18% elasticity
  • Excellent adhesion to clean, damp concrete with outstanding thermal shock resistance
  • Available in fast set version
  • Includes the S3 microbial resistant additive

Fruit and vegetable processing plants cannot compromise on safety and maintenance standards when considering flooring solutions. Contact Mark McVey at S3 Surface Solutions to discuss the best options for your plant today.

Mark McVey

Email: Mark@s3surfaces.com

Cell: 224 392 5405

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