S3 Surfaces products are VOC compliant and odorless. We use no isocyanides in our formulations. Our coatings are 100% resin rich-solids and free of solvents.

All of the ingredients used to manufacture our epoxy coatings are LEED certified materials. No hazardous material certifications are required for transportation of our floor wall and protection system products.


With S3 engineered coatings, any of our epoxy floor, wall, and protection systems carry USDA, CFIA and NSF approval. These seamless, performance systems are easy to clean surfaces and prevent common by-products like oleic acids, food-borne stains, grease, blood, and oils from leaking into concrete floors, damaging the slab and becoming hotspots for bacterial growth. Using S3 coating solutions, your floors are protected from mold, bacteria, fungi, and other threats that can contaminate the facility.


S3 Surfaces is committed to sustainability, and we’re proud that our Floor, Wall, and Protection systems can contribute toward obtaining LEED certification on your project. By choosing our epoxy floor coatings for your concrete floors, you can earn points toward your U.S. Green Building Council LEED certification.


As a rule of thumb, a “typical” concrete slab retains about 50 gallons of excess water per cubic yard poured. (This varies depending on the density of the concrete.) Ambient relative humidity and weather conditions can also contribute to this potential problem.   Excess moisture in or below concrete slabs is the cause of a large percentage of flooring failures. Adhesion of the flooring systems, aesthetics of coatings, and potential warping of wood accessories can take place when the moisture transmission is not addressed. Excess moisture can also accelerate sporadic growth of mold and organics on the gypsum board walls and joint compound.


S3 moisture vapor barrier (MVB) sealant systems offer a proven solution to moisture vapor issues in concrete. In fact, our sealant systems can be applied to “green” concrete only 24 hours old. The system helps ensure that any surface adhesives or coatings remain in pristine condition and properly functioning, even in the presence of damaging sub-surface moisture vapor conditions.


Concrete floors are permeable by nature. Without the proper protective coating, solvents, acids, alkalis, and other compounds can be absorbed by the concrete slab and deteriorate it from within. S3 chemical-resistant flooring products protect the concrete floor and the environment around it, helping prevent damage from exposure to corrosive compounds.


S3 Resins are specially formulated for superior flexibility. Our coatings are strong but resilient -18% Elasticity versus .5% to 1.5% for competitive products. As structures shift, settle, expand or contract, our coatings can move with the structure to assure a resilient, long-lasting solution. This flexibility also creates high resistance to abrasion, impact, and vibration.


S3 uses next generation microbial resistant protection that can be built into any of our advanced coating products. Utilizing highly effective copper or zinc additives, our smart materials provide continuous passive defense that dramatically limit pathogens ability to survive. It’s non-toxic, safe and sustainable.