Roger Walsh


Roger Walsh is the CFO of S3 Surface Solutions and brings over 30 years of business management expertise to his role. With extensive leadership skills acquired through initiating, managing, and executing successful business outcomes, Roger is well positioned to oversee the financial operations of S3.

Roger’s foray into the coatings industry began five years ago with the creation of Resin8. Resin8 introduced a set of flooring products that complemented the S3 portfolio. The resulting solutions and the partnership worked so well, Resin8 merged with S3 in 2020 creating the dynamic suite of solutions that S3 offers today.

Roger earned a Business Management degree from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois while working full-time in a global technology integration capacity. He has worked in the banking, technology, consulting, and healthcare industries as well as in the non-profit sector.

Roger lives in Elmhurst, Illinois and is passionate about continually learning, positively influencing others through effective communication, accepting and embracing change, addressing issues, and making informed and timely decisions. These passions are paramount to his role as a steward of company assets, owner of cash management, and ensuring that S3 is forward-looking and expanding to incorporate strategy and business partnership