Next Generation Microbial Protection

S3 uses next generation microbial resistant protection that can be built into any of our advanced coating products. Utilizing highly effective copper or zinc additives, our smart materials provide continuous passive defense that dramatically limit pathogens ability to survive. It’s non-toxic, safe and sustainable.

Healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics and senior living communities could benefit from antimicrobial coatings designed to complement the facility’s existing daily cleaning protocols. The implementation of an antimicrobial coating on high-touch surfaces, which have a continuous passive defense, can result in a reduction in contamination and may help reduce transmission.

Healthcare-acquired infections are an escalating problem. MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is a highly contagious staph bacterium that can be fatal. A recent study showed that up to 90 percent of MRSA remains on surfaces after a hospital room has been cleaned.

S3 Surfaces uses a patent pending organo-metallic antimicrobial additive, specifically engineered for S3 epoxy products and is available in two forms, Copper and Zinc. The S3 additive becomes intertwined with the polymer chain and in so doing it cannot diffuse, rub or wear off or leach out of the epoxy coatings. In fact, our antimicrobial additive will stay in the coatings until the material is completely gone. Conventional antimicrobial additives require moisture in order to rise to the surface of the material and tend to wash away with repeated cleanings or exposure to moisture.

Neutralize the Germs, Naturally
Attack bacteria, mold, fungi, viruses and other microbes that grow and infect your environment in-between regular cleanings. And do it without harsh chemicals or high temperatures.

S3 Microbial Resistant Protectants
Next-generation advanced microbial resistant protection, engineered into permanent epoxy surfaces for walls, floors and coving.

Technology That’s Safe for Humans & Pets
Our microbial resistant additives use copper and zinc, two natural, highly-effective antimicrobial agents, to zero in on pathogens and create a continuous passive defense that dramatically limits microbes’ ability to survive. It is non-toxic, safe and sustainable.

Studies show that S3 microbial resistant additives begin to work on contact and reduces Salmonella, E. coli, MRSA, Listeria and other bacteria by 99.9% in 24 hours at room temperature*.

*NOVEX-AMG additive has demonstrated antimicrobial functionality in third party laboratory testing and has demonstrated surface cleaning on contact


The One-Two Punch Process
Science suggests that copper and zinc affect bacteria in two sequential steps: first by rupturing its outer membrane; and second by punching holes in the membrane that drain water and vital nutrients.

Shorting the Circuit
When a bacterium comes in contact with a copper surface, a short circuiting of the current in the cell membrane can occur, create weakness and force a rupture.

Rust Bust
Localized oxidation or “rusting” happens when a copper or zinc ion hits a building block of the cell membrane in the presence of oxygen. “Oxidative damage” creates a “rust hole” in the membrane.

End to Enzymes
With the cell membrane breached, the cooper or zinc binds to enzymes inside and halts all activity, rendering it inactive.


S3 microbial resistant protectants are unlike other solution in that it disperses the copper or zinc evenly through the entire epoxy resin, creating protection that can’t wash off, rub off, or wear out. Ever.