Universal Sub Floor System


One system for the perfect subfloor

  • The S3 Universal Sub Floor System is an innovation in concrete preparation, moisture barrier engineering and breakthrough adhesive technology.
  • One green system, from prep to finished floor.
  • S3 Surface Prep Extreme™. Biodegradable concrete cleaner and etching agent.
  • S3 MoistureShield™. Permanent concrete waterproofing application and moisture mitigation treatment.
  • S3 112 MVB™. Low VOC Green Label Plus Certified 100% RH, 14pH moisture mitigation application.
  • S3 4151 Universal PSA™. Green Label Plus Certified. Only PSA usable on all surfaces and all backings up to 99RH, plasticizer resistant, featuring a leading open time that reduces waste and time.

The S3 Universal Sub Floor System is a technology that re-invents the pre-treatment, moisture remediation and adhesion on concrete floors for the flooring industry. The result is perfect concrete subfloors. Every time

Solves the multiple adhesive challenge

All products are Green, solvent free and environmentally friendly

Self-priming on damp, green or old concrete

Reduces labor costs and speeds up flooring installations

One warranty

Solves moisture in concrete floors

Solves dustless sub floor etching

Meets all sub floor needs in one easy system

Helps eliminate the Plasticizer effect

Low cost, reusable tools

*The systems listed in our product catalogue are general in nature and you should always contact your salesperson or customercare@s3surfaces.com for final selection of the coatings for your specific application*